Vendor Events are held on our farm property. Please be conscious this is a working farm.

  • Vendor set up is to be announced before each event. Please do not arrive before this time as it distracts from our own farm schedule.

  • Vendor vehicles must be removed from the vendor area before Event Opening.

  • Vendors will be provided a 10x10 area to decorate how they see fit. Please bring your own tents, chairs, markers, cash boxes, etc.

  • Vendor decorations are not to exceed outside of the designated area. Any decoration beyond the paid space are to be approved by Empty Pockets Ranch before the event day, any unauthorized decoration outside of the vendors allowable space is strictly forbidden.

  • DUE TO THE INCREASING CONCERN WITH AVIAN FLU, Please keep bio security conscious and do not bring any live poultry onto our farm. Please sanitize any potential threats prior to arriving on our property for the safety of us and your fellow vendors.

  • In accordance with the CDC, we are not requiring masks. We ask that you maintain an acceptable distance and maintain proper handwashing/hand sanitizing methods.

  • Any dogs must be kept quiet and leashed or contained. Leaving animals in vehicles is unacceptable. Otherwise, dogs must be left home. If the animal becomes a nuisance you will be asked to leave for the safety and courtesy of our other vendors and patrons.

  • Please do not modify our grounds to accommodate you. Our property is to be left the way it was found. Any disturbances to the area will accrue charges to be repaired.